Digital Centre proves good networking, promotional platform

Digital Centre proves good networking, promotional platform

Ljubljana, 22 December (STA) - The Slovenian Digital Centre, the main business project of Slovenia's EU presidency, has drawn to a close, with all stakeholders labelling it as a success, as it has served as a platform for promotion of 124 companies and organisations and has been visited by almost 60,000 visitors in person or online.

The centre was launched at Ljubljana's BTC shopping area in July as a partnership between the Economy Ministry, the SPIRIT Slovenija agency, the Digital Innovation Centre of Slovenia, and the BTC company.

The stakeholders stressed at the closing event on Wednesday that the project had achieved its goal of bringing together key digitalisation stakeholders and offering them a supporting environment. They also said such projects were key to achieve the goal of using digitalisation for further development of the economy and society.

Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek said that the centre had gained reputation of a networking area for key stakeholders in digitalisation.

"Since this is the only centre of its kind in the region, we were able to merge the know-how of decision-makers at national and EU levels plus businessmen and scientists," he said, adding it had exceeded expectations.

The centre has also served as a contact point with the Expo in Dubai, as Slovenia's potential has been presented to international investors via conferences and Slovenian entrepreneurs have been offered new opportunities.

"These presentations discussed smart cities, sustainable society and economy, AI, 5G technology, cybersecurity, digitalisation, 4.0 industry. It's an example of good practice showing how the state and the economy can decently work together," said Počivalšek.

Jernej Salecl from the ministry's directorate for internationalisation, entrepreneurship and technology noted the importance of promoting Slovenia's high technology during the EU presidency.

SPIRIT Slovenija boss Tomaž Kostanjevec highlighted the connective role it played for Slovenian companies. "The centre was a kind of an Expo in Slovenia." The centre's director Katja Mohar Bastar on the other hand stressed its importance in connecting politicians, educators and researchers.

BTC chairman Jože Mermal was happy his company has taken part in such a successful public-private project, saying "this proves right the assessment that public-private partnerships have a much higher added value than when only public or only private players take part".

Matic Volk, Slovenia's Expo commissioner, said Slovenia had presented itself very well at Expo via the Digital Centre when it comes to AI and digitalisation, which is important from the aspect of Dubai's plan to become the world's most digitalised city in the coming decade.

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