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Business Environment

Pro-business climate in Slovenia

Slovenia’s extensive economic reforms started in 2000 led to gradual regulatory changes in the FDI area. The approval mechanisms became streamlined and clear to investors improving Slovenia’s investment climate and increasing foreign investors’ confidence. 

A growing recognition of the importance of FDI as a source of fixed capital formation to economic growth and performance was translated into the government commitment to actively encourage inward investment by streamlining the investment promotion agencies and offering special investment incentives. Under the cost-sharing schemes designed to attract serious investors, funding is available to investors whose projects will build on Slovenia’s key selling points: well-developed infrastructure and supporting industries, and clusters of specialised suppliers.

The overall supply chain costs are low in Slovenia thanks to its strategic geographical position at the heart of the market with 500 million customers without any customs and duties, equally convenient to serve east and south-east Europe, as well as Asia.  

The SPIRIT InvestSlovenia Team of the Slovenian Public Agency for Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Fore­ign Investments and Technology – SPIRIT Slovenija -  maintains a database of sectors and companies to target, leasehold and freehold locations to develop or redevelop, and regulations. Here investors will find answers to most of the basic questions they may have when investigating Slovenia as a possible investment site and InvestSlovenia people are able to respond to an investor inquiry with in-depth, customised information.  

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